Past Articles

Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism:

Bill’s major WCIJ project, “Cruel and Unusual,” investigating abuse by guards in the segregation unit at Waupun Correctional Institution.

An archive of Bill’s Money and Politics columns for WCIJ.

Wisconsin foodshare fraud crackdown questioned, 5/3/2015
Gov. Scott Walker is devoting major resources to fighting a small incidence of error and abuse; state says the efforts protect taxpayers.

Bullets exacted terrible toll on children, African Americans, 1/11/2015
More than 100 deaths.

A house divided, 10/12/2012
In this battleground state, Suzanne and Keevin Allen do what much of the political establishment cannot — disagree without being disagreeable.

State pays scofflaws over hound deaths, 1/5/2014
Wisconsin, the only state with a program that compensates the owners of dogs killed by wolves while hunting other animals, has paid tens of thousands of dollars during the past decade to individuals who have violated state hunting or firearms laws.

Green schemes makes activists see red, 7/15/2012
Little-known UN Agenda 21 cast as threat to freedom.

Recusal disputes drive tension among Supreme Court justices, 3/10/2012
Recent cases highlight long-simmering debate over state’s unusual rules.

Love him or hate him, 1/8/2012
Gov. Scott Walker inspires deep disagreement — even in how people assess his character.

Supreme Court spat got physical, 6/25/2011
Sources allege Prosser grabbed fellow justice by the neck.


On the death of my monkey, 11/12/2014
I was there the day he was born and took an interest in what became of him. Recently, I found out.

Remembering Billy. 2/26/2012
The life and death of a Madison man with mental illness.

Walker’s War, 2/24/2011

It’s the stupid season, stupid, 8/26/2010

Dems don’t do the minimum, 2/04/10

As he sows: An interview with Michael Pollan, 9/17/2009

Justice is Everybody’s Business, 9/03/09

Supreme Court Faceoff, 3/12/09

Another Tragic Police Shooting, 7/26/07

Justice in the Balance (2007 State Supreme Court Race), 3/9/07

Inside the Monkey House, 6/4/2004